The following U.S. patents and published patent applications represent exemplary areas of the firm’s technical proficiency:

Medical Technologies/Life Sciences (e.g., pharmaceutical compositions, drug delivery technologies, and surgical devices)

Patent or Publication No. Title
20160060659 Glucose and Xylose Co-Fermenting Microorganism That Expresses Active Glucoamylase
20120245593 Eustachian Tube Stents, Introducers and Methods for Their Use
7833282 Eustachian Tube Device and Method
6607658 Integrated Lancing and Measurement Device and Analyte Measuring Methods
6482179 Apparatuses, Methods and Compositions for Closing Tissue Puncture Openings
6413263 Stereotactic Probe Holder and Method of Use
6258046 Method and Device for Assessing Perfusion Failure in a Patient by Measurement of Blood Flow
6180682 Buccal Drug Delivery System for Use in Male Contraception

Analytical Arts (e.g., chemical/biochemical assays, spectrometry, chromatography, and other laboratory equipment)

Patent or Publication No. Title
8176769 Device and Method for Quantifying a Surface’s Cleanliness
7779685 Fluid Transportation by a Sheet of Material
6809315 Method and System Using Acoustic Ejection for Preparing and Analyzing a Cellular Sample Surface
6734436 Optical Microfluidic Devices and Methods
6616825 Electrochromatographic Device for Use in Enantioselective Separation, and Enantioselective Separation Medium for Use Therein
6355158 Method of Measuring pH
6188474 Optical Spectroscopy Sample Cell
6190612 Oxygen Sensing Membranes and Methods of Making Same

Materials Science/Chemistry (e.g., advanced materials, materials processing, electrochemistry, and nanotechnologies)

Patent or Publication No. Title
8061892 Devices and Methods for Assessing a Sample’s Temperature Exposure History
7811416 Apparatus and Process for Digesting Cellulosic Material
7731151 Pendulum Vacuum Gate Valve
7309754 Stable Encapsulant Fluid Capable of Undergoing Reversible Diels-Alder Polymerization
6686132 Method and Apparatus for Enhancing Resist Sensitivity and Resolution by Application of an Alternating Electric Field During Post-Exposure Bake
6582890 Multiple Wavelength Photolithography for Preparing Multilayer Microstructures
6346030 Microdevice Having Interior Cavity with High Aspect Ratio Surface Features and Associated Methods of Manufacture and Use
6214151 Thermal Dye Transfer Process for Preparing Opto-Electronic Devices

Hardware/Software (e.g., electronics, displays, disk drive technologies, computer programs, web-based technologies, and mobile apps)

Patent or Publication No. Title
20140344323 State-Based Configuration Management for Distributed Systems
20100228573 Systems and Methods for Matching Consumer Requests with Supplier Appetites
9460509 System and Method for Unlimited Multi-User Computer Desktop Environment
8239253 Election-Based Electronic Compilations
8067305 Electrically Conductive Structure on a Semiconductor Substrate Formed from Printing
8225302 System and Method for Managing Source Code and Acquiring Metrics in Software Development
7209324 Sliders Bonded by a Debondable Encapsulant Containing Styrene and Butadiene Polymers
6593687 Cavity-Emission Electroluminescent Device and Method for Forming the Device